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Stories even demons find tasty

You have uncovered Pedro Cerda and Daniel Stiles' website of dreams. Not the good dreams, or even the nightmares. It's more like those dreams where you wake up confused and a few seconds later you forget you even had a dream.

Someday, perhaps after death, Pedro Cerda and Daniel Stiles will receive numerous awards for imaginative storytelling and insightful- imaginative storytelling. Calling from purgatory, we invite you to spend some time occupying your mind. It's not like you have anything better to do.

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Striking out to make names for themselves in the brutal desert land of Tucson, Arizona, Pedro Cerda and Daniel Stiles chose the profession of security by which to build their renown. The process of vocational evolution brought sarcasm from exuberance, irritation from helpfulness and most importantly, apathy from vigilance. Through the natural selection of a shopping mall, they learned the path for survival could be arrived at by way of detachment from care. It exists as a lesson others might comprehend through the pages of their stories, testimony put forth as the ladder of salvation from the balcony perch of chaos. You can be saved but if not, that's your own problem.
Having devoted his life to the world of the mercenary, Jack the Mac made a name for himself as one of the most destructive to ever tread across the continents of the world. Unfortunately the collateral damage he became known for reached far beyond what his employers and society considered acceptable and he eventually became blacklisted.
Reduced to the mediocrity of the unemployed and unemployable, Jack the Mac struggles to survive a world he can no longer find a niche within. In spite of lack of pay to provide him with the status of a professional mercenary, he discovers excitement can be found without even leaving home. A parade of killers decides to free him from his worldly struggles in order to revenge both real and imagined slights suffered at his hands and unfortunately, the incidents usually occur when Jack the Mac is on a date.

Forced to deal with random assaults, kidnappings, and car bombings, all while attempting to renew his driver's license and fulfill appointments with the unemployment office, Jack the Mac keeps searching for the perfect job opportunity and his true love. All he wants is a sweet girl who can shoot a man in the face and follow it up with a night of raucous lovemaking beside the corpse. If he can scrape enough cash together to get some bullets off layaway, he might have a chance.

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Zombie Pirates and Vampire Raiders, banished long ago from Earth, roam space in search of vessels to plunder. In a raid each group captures a human who provides intriguing information that leads them to believe a remote peaceful planet harbors humanoids whose blood would yield powerful properties if harvested within the solar system of Earth. The Athenein people, living in ignorant bliss, are totally unaware of this untruth told by the captive in an attempt to save his own life, and an invasion of Athenien ensues. The zombies just want more hair to smoke, and to thwart their mortal enemies, the vampires. An ambitious vampire captain wants only the respect and love he craves. The Athenien people are caught in the middle of this muddled struggle, and only one man has the foresight to plan a defense as casualties mount - but will his efforts be too little too late to save his people?

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