Pedro Cerda and Daniel Stiles
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A novel from the dark ages of our writing ability, especially since Pedro was not involved in this project. Amusing, and now available on Kindle. Zombies and security guards.

Our short story, Hope Service, was included in the Earth's End Anthology from Wicked East Press. Available on Kindle. The anthology also won sci-fi book of the year from the Turning Pages website.
More Writings... in no particular order.
Organized Terror

The Erratic Blueprint of Desperation
A harrowing tale in novella or super short story form of an author pushed to the edge of sanity by a desperate struggle with life, death, and Zombie Jesus. Not a story for the weak of heart! Or the easily offended. Currently available from Wild Child Publishing.

“He never talked about his past much,” I respond. “Tommy P. was all about living in the moment. Actually, he didn’t even like living in the moment because the moment became the past once it happened. So, he looked ahead all the time, talked about what he would be doing instead of what he was doing. He wouldn’t mention what he’d had for breakfast, yet he’d tell you all about what he planned on having for lunch.” I can’t tell if this makes sense or not because I’m not fully awake yet.

“So, you don’t know where he was born or where he lived previously?” the one repeats.

“No,” I confirm. “However, I can tell you where he planned on living next and where he intended on dying.”  -excerpt from The Erratic Blueprint of Desperation

Battle for Blood: The Blood Feud

This novel from Penumbra Publishing has something for everyone, as long as everyone likes space zombie pirates, space vampire vikings, and other miscellaneous things. An epic novel that follows three different perspectives. Only for the open minded! Everyone else should read it too though. Purchase and love it now.

“I know who you are!” Captain Andy shouted, his zombie voice bouncing off the metal walls to shriek back at him.

           “Who are you talking to?” someone asked. The captain turned to one of the navigation officers, Tim.

            “What?” the captain returned.

            “You said, I know who you are.”

            “Yeah, I know who you are,” Captain Andy confirmed.

            “You weren’t talking to me though,” Tim countered.

            “Yeah, I was.”

            “I wasn’t even in the room yet,” Tim pointed out.

            “I should be the one asking the questions! What the hell are you doing in the captain’s private chambers anyway?”

          “These aren’t your private chambers,” Tim answered, glancing around. “It’s the crew restrooms for this deck.” -excerpt from Battle for Blood: The Blood Feud

 Lethargy's Rainbow
Christopher Richmond had always wanted to be a Hero, and at last, he had his chance.

Author commentary:
This short story first appeared in Aphelion, No. 130, volume 13, March 2009. It's our take on the true world of medieval adventurers. Read this story now

Hell's Security

Regardless of accomplishment or failure, cell phones and credit ratings, it all ends in death. It's the goal for everyone, the promise we've earned that we don't have to care any more. Through the benefits of purgatory's work release program, one man will learn that death isn't the end of life's problems.

Author commentary: This short story first appeared in The Nautilus Engine, volume 2, issue 4, May 2009. It's a signature short story for us, conveying many aspects of our unique perspectives. Well, it would be a signature story if we could sign our names on the screens of everyone who reads it.
Unfortunately, this story is no longer posted... except on our blog. Hooray!

Soulless Screaming Shoes
In a world that’s always on the go, it’s important not to forget the necessity of relaxation and sitting is a vital component of relaxology. Respected experts in relaxology have proven the link between sitting and living. Live longer.

Author commentary: This short story first appeared in South Jersey Underground, Issue #5, August/September 2009. You can also find it in the Class of 2009 issue. This story conveys the war against conformity... and infomercials. Unfortunately, this story is no longer posted

Variable Hate

They're everywhere, watching, creeping in, surrounding. Even without seeing them you know they exist. Even without hearing them you know it's their steps behind you. With each new one to appear you can feel your life losing significance. You can only think of one way to silence your fear. Anger.

Author commentary: This short story first appeared in The Nautilus Engine, volume 3, issue 1, August 2009. Pedro doesn't mind that his name isn't spelled correctly on this. He believes this spelling makes him sound cooler, like a Spanish breath mint. Not much humor in our story as it follows our other trend, disassociation from society. Yeah, we suppose that's kind of funny too. Unfortunately, this story is no longer posted